Become a Complete Athlete Publishing Partner and fundraise for your team.


A Complete Athlete Publishing Partner is invested in our mission to help all parents, athletes, and coaches enhance their individual and team experiences in the athletic journey. This is why club teams, tournament organizers, and coaches now have the opportunity to officially partner with us. In exchange for your adoption of the app, book program, and community, you can fundraise for your organization, event, club or team in addition to implementing this one-of-a-kind educational tool for your players. Learn how to set up your fundraiser by reaching out to the team at or by calling Scott Murray at (805) 573-0311 or Ada Greenwood at (619) 886-5340 or Dave Coggin at (909) 559-1145.  We’d love to work with you as a Complete Athlete Publishing Partner for your team, club, tournament, or event.